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Four Winds Weavers - About Our Beginings

Four Winds Weavers started many decades ago in spirit to help the people.

Four Winds Weavers organization is collection of many elders coming together. They know the Navajo culture has many things to offer to the youth and people interested in donating to preserve the culture. Winslow, Arizona is located in the majestic high plateau mountains of northern Arizona. This is the beginning of people that has its roots within Big Mountain, Teesto, Sand Springs, Thin Rock, and Teasyato on the western Navajo reservation. We work directly with the elders to educate and help convey the sacred message from the elders.

It all started with donations to the people who needed assistance and relief during times of winter and sundances. Grandmother Grace Yellowhammer is from Teesto community, Arizona. The elders have asked her "to be their eyes, ears, and voice". She was chosen to be the spokesperson in 1979 by the people from the Big Mountain area on Navajo reservation. The meeting took place at Kee Shay hogan. Then in the 1980's, the traditional people from Teesto, Big Mountain (Mae Shay), Sand Spring (John Yazzie), and Teasyato (Mae Tso) had come together to join with the tradtional Hopi people (Hotevilla) to decided that they need to convey the message of cultural teachings and remind the people of their roots, about mother earth, and traditional teachings. The Hopi traditonal people, Carolyn Tawangyawama, Dan Evehema, Thomas Beyanca, and James Kootshongsie traveled to Geneva, Switzerland for 9 years to bring message from the traditonal Hopi People ("Hopi Prayer for Peace" - video). Its been said they knocked on the door the door of the UN three times and fourth time would be their last. Then finally the United Nations opened their door to the Hopi Elders to bring to the world. Then, when Carolyn Tawangyawama had finished her speech. She then concluded her speech at the United Nations with "My work here is done". This statement became well known to the Hollywood Industry. We work together to bring the message of peace.

Tree of life rug with wedding basket on bottom.
Tree of Life
Tree of life rug with sunrise on outer edges.

One of the first reliefs projects that brought relief was a convoy of many vehicles carrying food, medicines, and clothing from San Francisco, California. It was headed by Paul Bloom to cover the the Big Mountain, Arizona. Then, another convoy of relief came in from Los Angeles, California and San Diego, California. The San Diego support relief convoy headed by Bob Hozman and Nancy Harvey. The Los Angeles convoy relief aid that came from Los Angeles, California was sponsored by Veterans Peace Action Team (V.P.A.T), chairman, Nane Alejandrez. Grace Yellowhammer had started an grass root organization adopting an elder in late 1980's. She soon gave consent and list of names to Linda Myers in 1997 for which later turned into Adopt-an-ElderThen the California convey ceased. The adopt-an-elder convoy arrived from Salt Lake City, Utah, (Linda Myers and Rose Hulligan). Rose Hulligan husband drew the two hands together symbol to Grace Yellowhammer in early 1992. Arlene Hamiliton and Roberta Blackgoat Roberta Blackgoat ("Broken Rainbow" - featured motion picture) had started a weaving project called Weaving for Freedom.

Today, every donation helps with sustaining the message directly from the elders, livestock, cultural education with the youth, X-Mas gifts to the children who come from traditional family who cannot afford gifts.

Four Winds Weavers seeks to bring the message of helping our mother earth and our people. We are creating an cultural education and environment awareness that will help sustain our future and our mother earth future. Your contributions and support is greatly appreciated.