Grace Smith-Yellow Hammer is the founder of Four Winds Weavers. She is an peace keeper and been involved in many programs that help the people.

From 1993-2001, The Center co-sponsored Mending the Hoop of All Nations: With One Voice, One Heart, One Mind, One Prayer in Washington D.C. She also created the message heading "With One Voice, One Heart, One Mind, One Prayer".

She has worked with many tradtional nations to get the message out by the elders. She traveled with Caryoln, James Cooch, and Thomas Beyanca.

She also the one of spiritual representive of "Prayer Vigil" held in Washington.D.C since its inception. The "Prayer Vigil" event invites and brings together indigenous cultures from around the world to come together and pray for the Earth.

She also founded the "Adopt-an-Elder" program and then became a co-founder. She organized relief with Big Mountaina and Teesto and translating in Navajo to the elders bout the relief efforts.

She is Navajo weaver, is orginally from the Teesto, Arizona which is located on the Navajo (Dine') Reservation. She has been weaving since her mother and grandmother taught her the traditional Navajo way of weaving a Navajo rug since was 7 years old. She has been taught to weave Navajo rugs in different types of pattens. She spends many hours weaving Navajo rugs on the loom. She travels many miles to gather natural dye color from the plants. This is the traditional way of extracting colors to create many types of colors to Navajo rugs. Her other talents include silversmithing, beadworking, and sewing.

Today, Grace still continues the efforst of helping the people. During the Christmas seasons, She actively coordinates Christmas toys to the youths on the reservations whose familes cannot afford it due to economic conditions.

Katie Furcap, Navajo weaver, weaves many types of designs of traditional Navajo rugs. She is from Big Mountain, Navajo reservation in northern Arizona and traditional elder. She is been brought up on the Navajo reservation and been taught the way of life in Navajo way of life. Her designs in her Navajo rugs shows the time and skills to create a beautiful authentic Navajo rug.

Mae Shay, Navajo weaver, is from Big Mountain area. She weaves many designs and takes great pride in her Navajo rug. She takes great pride in her works in weaving traditional Navajo rugs. She has many stories about her people and way of life that she is living. She is a traditional elder who "lives off the land" self suffienucy by hearding sheep and hauling water. She has a hogan and prefers to live the tradtional way of life that was taught to her when she was growing up in her way of life.

Anita Jackson, Navajo weaver, is from the Teesto area. She weaves many designs and takes great pride in her Navajo rug. She takes great pride in her work in weaving Navajo rug. The design is a snowflake that came from a snakeflake that visited her when she was at her most somber moment. She dedicates this design to her daughter.